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Tresa Leftenant, CFP® Reinvention Mentor | Speaker | Author ofReinventing HER Helping Women Plan, Pursue, and Capitalize on Their Next Chapter!”, Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, Certified RIM® Facilitator

Tresa Leftenant personally guides audiences through common obstacles that women face along the road to financial abundance and happiness.  According to a recent article in The Huffington Post, our country faces the worrisome problem that only 14% of women have a written financial strategy and over 61% of women expect to work after age 65.  Tresa empowers women to master their inner power qualities for outer success.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much money you do or don’t have, or how many sobering mistakes you have made. From the place of human failure, you can reinvent your life.”

Tresa Leftenant, Reinvention Mentor

Featured Programs

Fearless Finances for Worried Women

Three Money Mindset Breakthroughs for a Powerful New Financial Future

Here’s what participants will experience during this powerful presentation:

  • The importance of navigating our inner beliefs and societal messages about money
  • Why we keep doing the same things over and over with our money expecting different results
  • Participate in powerful exercises designed to create long lasting money mindset breakthroughs
  • Reframe our view of money, retrain our mind for success, reclaim our prosperity birthright
  • Unleash our inner wellspring of motivation to change our financial life for the better

Women YEARN to be empowered and equipped with the proper tools to pursue a powerful financial future for themselves and their families.  This talk will reveal little known secrets to help women make powerful new choices and transform their financial lives.


The Journey to Happiness

Finding Happiness in All the Right Places

It seems like happiness is more elusive than ever in our busy lives. We all share a deep inner desire to pursue more happiness every day. Is pursuing “the good life” the secret to happiness? Happiness experts say “no”. Running on life’s treadmill will only take us farther away from understanding how to live a happier life. The secret to finding happiness is to jump off the treadmill and seek happiness in all the right places.   

Here’s what participants will experience during this powerful presentation:

  • The top five ways we cloud our own happiness
  • How to eliminate and turn sadness into happiness
  • A simple three step process to get us on track to TRUE happiness
  • How to custom design our own happy life – not just a few fleeting moments
  • 12 proven ways to increase happiness in every area of your life

True happiness improves our health, helps us build strong enduring relationships, increases our productivity and professional success. More importantly, pursuing our true purpose in life provides meaning, and meaning creates lasting feelings of happiness


How to BRING IT When You Really Need It!

Confidence is like gravity, you can’t see it but you know when it is there…and when it’s not. In order to perform at our best in our work and personal lives, we must believe in ourselves and our abilities to do so.

Here’s what participants will experience during this powerful presentation:

  • How to create a fertile garden for our budding confidence in all areas
  • How to eliminate doubts and fears that have us stuck in a mediocre life
  • 4 ways to deeply increase your Confidence so you can create a new, successful future
  • How clinging to your past may be limiting your future
  • How to tap into your inner strength to help you move out of your comfort zone, take more risks, and live more fully

Managing life can be full of potential pitfalls, but with Confidence, you can sail through problems and come out on top every time. The only thing standing between you and the happy and abundant future you deserve is a simple set of tools so you can activate Confidence when you really need it!

“Tresa Leftenant has an important message for women and men about money being a part of our wellness. Her topic attracted a large audience, stimulated audience participation, and many wanted to follow up with her by attending her three hour workshop the following day. Her book, Reinventing Her, is equally powerful. She was a terrific addition to The Sun Valley Wellness Festival lineup in 2013 and 2014. Our audience loved her!”

Marcia Duff, Speaker Chair 2014 Sun Valley Wellness Festival

“Tresa Leftenant doesn’t waste words or time when articulating strategies to create a successful life. Willing to share her own personal journey as well as the extended training she has received, Ms. Leftenant approaches speaking to individuals or groups of any size with poise, confidence, and approachability. She communicates her perspective with ease while creating an inviting, entertaining, and life-transforming atmosphere, helping her audiences tap into what is most important to them as they move forward.”

Cindy D. Whitmer, Licensed Professional Counselor/Life Coach

“I’ve been so turned off in the past by speakers who say they know the secrets to money mindset. Tresa Leftenant is the real deal, and has an incredible ability to speak to my core issues with money.”

Kim Cruz, Founder and CEO, Cruz Advisory Group.

“Tresa is a compelling and dynamic speaker. She wakes us up to our potential through her authenticity and clarity. Her willingness to be vulnerable gives me hope, and I feel empowered to achieve my life dreams.”

Tamara Gerlach, Founder, Radiant Living Radio,

“Tresa is a subject matter expert on how our beliefs around money must be reshaped in order to improve the results we achieve in our financial lives. Her courageousness is contagious to her audience, making what may have been a dreaded topic into one people are motivated to explore.”

Lenora Edwards, Business Development Consulting for Entrepreneurs,


“Tresa is the real deal. She has incredible ability to speak to my core issues with money.”

– CEO Cruz Advisory

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