The Journey to Happiness Webinar

Finding Happiness in All the Right Places!

June 20th 6:30pm-8:00pm PST 

When you register for this webinar we will also send you our Special Report, The Journey to Happiness that is full of easy-to-follow action steps and inspiration. Our report will help you achieve a more sustainable level of happiness, lower stress levels, improved relationships, and more accomplishments in your lifetime.


Do you want to be truely happy?


Do you want to know how to be excited and motivated everyday?


Are you ready to have good things consistently happen to you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

this webinar is for you!

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Benefits for Attendees

During this uplifting and educational training you’ll discover…

The top 5 things clouding your happiness RIGHT NOW

How to eliminate negativity and turn sadness into happiness

A simple 3-step process to put you on track to TRUE happiness

Surprising steps to make any day happier

How to custom design your own happy life - not just a few fleeting moments

12 proven ways to naturally increase your dopamine & serotonin

Tools to create happiness in every area of your life

How to find happiness in the right places

Happiness Improves Everything

True happiness improves our health, helps us build strong enduring relationships, and increases our productivity and professional success. But more important is that pursuing our true purpose in life provides meaning, and meaning creates lasting feelings of happiness.

Happiness is a Personal Choice

Happiness and unhappiness are a personal choice. No more blaming our past, our parents, our teachers, our spouses, or our jobs. They may be responsible for creating bad experiences in our lives, but the happiness we feel (or lack of happiness) is absolutely within our control. By taking conscious steps, we can make our lives more meaningful, fulfilling and happy now, regardless of the conditions in our past.

Happiness is Meaningful and Worthwhile

Living a meaningful and worthwhile life creates happiness that comes from within. Sure, it can take time, and sometimes it can be downright difficult, but creating a life of meaning always yields a longer-lasting feeling of inner happiness.


Here is what people have said about working with me

“Tresa Leftenant doesn’t waste words or time when articulating strategies to create a successful life. Willing to share her own personal journey as well as the extended training she has received, Ms. Leftenant approaches speaking to individuals or groups of any size with poise, confidence, and approachability. She communicates her perspective with ease while creating an inviting, entertaining, and life-transforming atmosphere, helping her audiences tap into what is most important to them as they move forward.”

~ Cindy D. Whitmer, Licenensed Professional Counselor/Life Coach, Former Executive Director Counseling Center

“It was very valuable to me in learning more about myself and how to change my self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors.  Tresa is so passionate and energetic and she keeps the group engaged.  She has under promised and over delivered!  I am eternally grateful for this opportunity.”

~Kris Bennett, Board Certified Orthotist and Advanced Reiki Practitioner

“This workshop opened the door for me to make steps to creating a fabulous life!  It helped me open up to ideas, thoughts and beliefs that make me more AWARE. Tresa is a wonderful and inspiring facilitator. She shares valuable insights that helped me journey toward my “aha” moments.”

~Cathy Grant, Homemaker, Entrepreneur


All it takes to benefit from this unique experience is to register for this LIVE webinar event.

Get actionable tips and time-tested advice to bring you long lasting happiness and fulfillment even quicker!

Every participant will receive a workbook to complete transformational exercises during the webinar.