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It’s time for a change

The first time I heard the word “reinvention”, I thought it was one of those new age words that certain people used to convince other people they knew more about how to live a happy life. Back then, I was running on life’s treadmill full force as a mother of two kids and an Assistant VP of a regional bank. I didn’t have a shred of interest in changing my life and I cringed when I heard spiritual psycho-babble like “life is a journey” and “connect to your Higher Power”. I just didn’t have time for that?! One morning I woke up and actually LOOKED at my life…something I hadn’t ever really done before. I recognized I was living a life of perceived financial security. I had accumulated nearly $30,000 of credit card debt. Behind the lavish vacations, dinners out, expensive clothes and home furnishings, there sat a woman in denial. I was in denial about the financial grave I’d dug for myself. At that point, I knew my life needed to change and I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. I wasn’t in the habit of communicating with a “Higher Power” on a regular basis but at that moment, it seemed exactly the right thing to do

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Finding your unique path to a happy and fulfilling life requires a partnership with a mentor who has walked her own path of reinvention. Let’s chat and see if I’m the mentor you are destined to attract.

It’s time for a change

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