Are You Settling For Less? Are you putting your dreams to the side while you support everyone else?

It’s time for your vision of a meaningful and prosperous life to take center stage.   YOU are worth taking some time and making some effort to finally create the life that makes your heart sing and your wallet overflow!  

Are you willing to do what it takes to have the life you deserve?

One To One Coaching

Are you looking for a mentor who focuses on caring support and inquiry rather than telling and managing?  Our reinvention blueprint draws solutions from each person through effective listening, asking great questions, facilitating powerful exercises, and giving loving feedback and continual support.  You are empowered to breakthrough where you are stuck, and take action toward achieving your goals.


My responsibility is to design education materials that help people truly master their inner success qualities. Our modules are centered completely on you – the seeker.  Learning happens because you do the work of completing the exercise, discussing your findings, and making new choices in real time that will benefit your future. You’ll dive in with your whole mind and body and experience each concept as it relates to you!  Imagine learning from a virtual room of experts who will share their personal experiences and life wisdom along with you!  I manage the learning process, and you break through!  

Public Speaking

I am personally committed to guiding women and couples to reach higher levels of happiness, purpose and prosperity in their lives.  I lead audiences through my proprietary process for pursuing unprecedented results in areas of life that are most important to them.  My goal is to provide little known secrets that will help women break through the limitations that may be trapping them in a mediocre life.  My purpose is to help everyone learn how to make more authentic and powerful choices!

A system that works…

When you work with Tresa you get the whole picture, the whole being. It’s a holistic, systemic approach, and it’s transformative. Tresa has given me this whole collection of new information, new tools, and new processes. It’s all integrated together. Tresa was able to balance holding me accountable for my actions along with offering real-time help. There’s a path and a process to the program, but when life comes up, an on-the-fly judgment call comes in that Tresa is very good at making. Tresa also has a lot of life experience that she brings to the table. She has walked the talk and she still is. She has lived it. What she’s working with people on is core to who she is.

Cathy S.

Management Consultant

When you talk to Tresa, you are talking to someone who isn’t afraid to expose their human side. She’s direct and she keeps you on track but manages to be nurturing and sensitive at the same time. She won’t let you get lost in your head. It is her goal for you to really get something out of every conversation. I learned how to get up every day and make a positive intention before the day started. I have a different outlook now on how I approach situations because of the exercises Tresa taught me. I am using the tools I learned from working with her and will continue to do so.

Collette K

Property Management

There’s an authenticity you are able to share with Tresa when you work with her. She’s real. People want to get as real with themselves as Tresa is with you. She realizes that what is happening with you is because of what is happening with you emotionally. She helped me realize what was triggering me to react negatively in my relationship and then paired that awareness with tools to help me make better choices. I followed her program and reached my goal.  She helped me get everything I wanted.

Stella R

Award Winning Realtor

Let’s reinvent ourselves into the women that we dream of becoming; living a life that we were born to pursue.

~Tresa Leftenant, Author, Speaker, Reinvention Mentor

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